Bommisetti Venkata Ramana (Babu), Rayadurgam, Anantapur – Profile

Bommisetti Venkata Ramana leads the Lok Satta Party in Rayadurgam constituency, Anantapur and is a member of Lok Satta’s sub-committee on agriculture. He can be reached via phone (+91-9989838872) or email.

Popularly known as Babu, Venkata Ramana has emerged as a leader by relentlessly pursuing local problems in Rayadurgam on a daily basis, on the ground and in the press. He speaks of how persistence – to create awareness with meetings and press statements, following up with demanding action from responsible officials and representatives, resorting to dharnas and protests when petitions are ignored – has been the key to success in solving the local problems. Some of the achievements in Rayadurgam include demolition of ill-maintained and disease breeding public toilets and proper implementation of a welfare scheme to provide private toilets for the poor, and action towards appointment of several new doctors in the pitiably understaffed hospitals of Anantapur district.

A primary focus of his is to voice the problems of farmers and demand justice and better policy from the Government. He is leading an extensive tour – ‘Palle Baata – Raithu Chaitanya Yatra’ – to meet the farmers in their own villages and has successfully convinced many to unionize and thereby gain the clout and respect they deserve, rather than be at the mercy of wrong policy and populist manipulation. His work and statements continue to receive regular coverage in local media. He jokes of how “Lok Satta has become something of a nuisance in Rayadurgam”, with this constant buzz of movements and statements, on local problems, and the wider ones for farmers, better health and education, and against corruption and illegal liquor.

Babu was born in Rayadurgam in June, 1977. He makes a livelihood from a business in trading used two-wheelers and by helping his wife with her business in tailoring. He derives motivation for being in politics from the suffering and humiliation faced by the poor on a daily basis, having had firsthand experience of the same. His aim is to establish his leadership by providing a voice for them, and to inspire and train hundreds of others to become leaders for the benefit of society and country.

More about him, and his work, in an interview here. For further information and reports, please visit the website for LSP Rayadurgam and ‘Like’ the Facebook page.

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