Nellore Narasaiah, Kovur, Nellore, AP – Profile (Election Special)

Nellore Narasaiah is the Lok Satta Party candidate for the Kovur constituency in the Assembly by-elections of March 2012. This profile was narrated by him and scribed by Prakash Kapila. Audio of another interview/interaction with Mr. Narasaiah and campaign team here.

Personal bio:

My father was a farmer. I am a farmer. We are from Totapalli mandal in Nellore district. I studied up to 10th class and have spent my life doing the labors involved in agriculture. Each and every aspect of farming, I have done with my hands and faced all the ups and downs. I moved to Nellore town because of marriage relations and children’s education. My son is MCA and my daughter is MSc(microbiology) and she is getting married on March 9, 2012. I enjoyed a carefree life till I was 20 and fulfilled family responsibilities till 49. Now, I want to dedicate myself to the public.


The present political system has degraded into a business with higher class people manipulating the system to benefit themselves and their own people. The primary job of politicians is to figure out which parts of the government machinery are not working properly and to make it work properly, by creating laws when necessary. In 60 years of independence, only 60 to 600 families in India are getting richer and poor are getting poorer, They are being crushed by so many forces that are beyond their control, Politicians are not enabling any permanent solutions but rather are precipitating the problems into a never ending cycle of depression. This made me very sad and hence I joined politics, first as a member of Lok Satta and have been involved in party work. Then with support of Dr. JP, I thought I would be able to serve better by holding public office. I feel that JP has given a good platform and we should all utilize that platform to bring about change in politics. I urged everybody to join and am walking the talk by contesting elections.

Integrity and fairness (niti, nyayam) are my strengths, All parents today are thinking “we need to ensure a better future for their children, more than what we had when we were growing”. I am fully capable and convinced that I can provide such opportunities to our young and intelligent people. People are vexed with current political class. Every highway, every hospital, every school – all of these are standing as big examples for the out of resources. And people are distressed by it. People have changed and they are searching for good politicians and good politics. They are asking me wherever I go “Where were you till now, you should have stood in elections long back”.

Right from farmers, middle class, everybody who has suffered because of corruption that has erupted in every place is now a supporter of Lok Satta. Right now, 98% of works are happening because of recommendation from politicians. If they don’t know some big person, their work is not happening. Corruption has crept into every farmers life, whether its ability to get loans, fertilizers, seeds. I have seen firsthand how all the profits go to the middlemen. Our government is so systemically infusing the corruption that a person who used to live with dignity by working in farm is now using NREGS and not working at all, Instead, they are working to salute whichever political party bosses are in charge of the NREGS schemes. This is in turn making farmers leave the farming community and turn themselves into laborers and beggars. For 11 lakh positions open, 1.6 crores are applying. Farmers who only know physical work and farming are compromising their life. I want to change this, our farmers need not be beggars, our farmers need opportunities for which, once elected, I will convince all the MLAs on farmers plight and change the NREGS scheme.

I have visited mandals of Polur, Indukurkuripeta, Kovur, Bucchireddypalem , Vidavaluru, Vadavaluru and the people are facing so many problems in day to day life, I want to change their plight by addressing their problems. My opponent party leaders Somreddy, Polareddy and Prasanna are just talking about each others mistakes. I am saying to people “I will only talk about you and your problems and your life, vote for Lok Satta and make your life happy.”


If elected, I will focus on these areas mainly:

1. Clean water: This has become such a tragedy that our state boasting of many rivers and lakes is now having dried up lakes in name of development and thereby jeopardizing the delicate balance of nature, Every village in every mandal here is now in danger of being submerged in the flood water and thereby becoming target for fatal diseases like malaria because of stagnated water in its streets. Children are playing in that water thereby increasing the scope of spreading diseases , If only we have proper lakes and ponds that can take up the flood water, we wont have such a huge calamity staring at our face.

I will ensure that every village in my constituency will have a lake, I will use the funds at my disposal in MLALADS to build catchment area of lakes as free-zone and cannot be used in SEZ allocation.

2. Preventive planning: We don’t have preventive planning for water flooding, which is creating havoc. Bad water is flowing like a river in our towns, because of road construction or some other construction, I will make preventive planning my main goal in disbursing the funds to municipalities and guide them towards such preventive measures that will take into account natural disasters like floods and provide healthcare in every mandal.

3. Anganwadi centers: In the fishermans colony, the living standards are unhealthy. They are not able to raise their kids properly, we should be able to do this much better in our country, I will establish good anganwadi centers where not present and monitor those that are existing to perform up to the mark, by providing them with funds promptly.

4.Education is the corner stone of development. I will ensure that every mandal has good education system that will be able to cater to everyone in the mandal., and will allocate additional funds for this as priority when necessary, Only because of good education, my kids are now able to leave poverty, I will visit every mandal and encourage every youth to get educated.

5. Health: I will establish good hospitals in every mandal where people can be treated properly and preventive measures can be taught to everyone to become a healthy citizen.

6. Corruption: I will stop the corruption in my constituency by publicly proclaiming “I don’t need percentage, I need quality work”. Even structures built by Britishers around 100 years ago are standing strong, why can’t we do this? This is a challenge to our brains. Nowadays, the buildings are falling just after in a year in anticipation that another work can be allocated to them, I will ensure that works that are done will be able to stand up for 50 years atleast. I will take a legal underwriting from the contractors. If they don’t sign, they don’t get the works. Accomplishing quality works is most important.


Listen to another interview/interaction with Mr. Narasaiah and the LSP campaign team here.

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9 Responses to Nellore Narasaiah, Kovur, Nellore, AP – Profile (Election Special)

  1. Vijay Kumar Akasam says:

    Best wishes Mr. Nellore Narasaiah. Your will for clean politics and cleansing the environment in Kovvur is appreciable. Your ambition to reach people to convince them on required change for clean politics is good. At the same time, please concentrate on your road map in next 5 years for agriculture laberors and development of educational opportunities for their children, apart from improving the living conditions.

    Wish You all the Best in the elections.



  2. Raghuveer says:

    Good luck to Narasiah garu. I heard him talk over the phone and he is a genuine, caring and committed candidate. Hope the people of Kovur give him and good politics a chance so that we can see another Kukatpally –

  3. Srinivasa Chamarty says:

    Good luck Narasaiah gaaru. Looking at the recent polls, the voters look much mature now.

  4. venkateswara Rao says:

    All the best Narasiah garu

  5. Narasaiah garu, I wish you all the best . we must prove the sinciearity and Honesty through our services to the society.Jai LOKSATTA Jai Jai LOKSATTA.

  6. sravanthi says:

    all the best to you sir.

  7. Raghuveer says:

    Winning and losing is part of the game in politics (as in life). Congratulations to Narasiah garu for fighting an ethical battle and for doing it the right way. Lok Satta is the only party which did not distribute money or liquor and went on the right path. It is not easy to face such overwhelming odds and still come forward to content the election and for this, I take my hat off to Narasiah garu.

  8. suman says:

    narsaiah garu ur views are good but in my opinion being a local candidate from ur constituency how many cases of corruption did you unearth from the system there are many discrepencies in the construction of roads buildings etc. in ur constituency did u ever asked for the quality reports of ur constituency roads and buildings and made it public by using RTI act

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