Conversations with the leaders of Lok Satta Party.

These will help us (a) understand the nature and complexity of issues in the field and b) popularize and garner support for the leaders who will take the party to the people and deliver the change we all seek. We want to do such interviews of leaders at all levels, from all over. If you know of them, please share the contact information. If you would like to do such interviews yourself, nothing like it! We would love to post on or link to them from this blog.

Call for volunteers

We invite volunteers to participate and expand on this rewarding activity. We are looking for:

Interviewers: to conduct and transcribe interviews.
Editors: to review and edit raw interview transcripts.
Writers: to compose profiles of leaders based on interviews.
Translators: to translate the profiles to Telugu, and other Indian languages.

Of course, you could do more than one or all of the above!


Sundeep Pattem, Sravanthi Yalamanchili, Ramesh Chinnam, Amarendra Sigala, Raghuveer Mukkamalla.


Sundeep Pattem (sundeep.pattem@gmail.com)


10 Responses to About/Invitation

  1. Hi there,

    I’m Srikanth Chintala, State Organizing Secretary for Sarvajana Satta, a loksatta affiliate.
    I wonder there are no interviews of any Sarvajana Satta Leader?

    Srikanth Chintala

    • Sundeep says:

      Hi Srikanth,

      Right now, we are a very small team of volunteers doing the interviews. We have ambitious plans to cover a lot of leaders, but will need to win over more volunteers to make it happen more quickly. I will be sending you email so we can discuss further.



    Hi Sundeep,

    I would like to involve as a volunteer. Could you suggest me in this regard.

    Best regards
    Reddeppa Thanneeru


    Yeah, for sure..

    Reddeppa Thanneeru

  4. Hello, I would like to conduct an interview of Dr JP to highlight LokSatta party’s agenda, manifesto and what ideas the party has for the Muslim community. The emphasis is on the next forthcoming Lok Sabha elections as well as the Assembly Elections in Karnataka and other states.
    We are a group of educated and employed muslims with a passion to work and contribute towards the upliftment of the nation as a whole, and the community in specific.
    We would like to know more about the vision, strategy and exection plans of Lok Satta Party and its leadership.
    We would like to actively work together as a team and support (create/draft the election manifesto to be specific to each constituency, campaigning, donations and other supportive activities)

  5. Shivakumar.A says:

    sir this is shiva from karnataka nenu karnataka lo lok satta party ni strong chesi 224 vidanasabe ksethrallo mana lok satta canditates ni nilabettalla anukonta undanu dayachese meeru naa number ke call chayandi number-9741403104

  6. Karthik Chandra says:

    I am a Software Engineer, working in Bangalore and native is Guntur. I am follower of Dr.JP Narayan garu and strongly believe in his principles.

    As I can see the situation of Andhra Pradesh now, I feel only LSP can give a solution to the current crisis as all the other party leaders are playing cheap politics in the wake of State bifurcation. I am giving my suggestion for a more dynamic approach to the next elections.

    Please post candidate profiles, qualification and their background for each constituency clearly. I am not able to find the candidate of my native constituency(Guntur city). Please take the webiste of Aam Admi Partys way of listing their candidates as a example.


    There is nothing wrong in adopting others methods when they are good. There need to be more clarity about the candidate profiles and party office address to contact.

    Please form committees for spreading awareness. People like me can work online like facebook and twitter and other ways. Like wise form other local committees to spread awareness in villages. I visit my hometown Guntur once in a month. I can participate in events in Guntur and nearby villages.

    Finally please take this movement seriously and lets act together for the bright future of our State and thereby our Country.

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